How MPLS VPN Experience Benefits You

MPLS VPN is the fastest growing WAN technology today and is widely used by many leading telecommunications carriers worldwide. MPLS combines the privacy and performance of traditional wide area network technologies such as ATM and Frame Relay; along with the cost effectiveness and flexibility of Internet-based networks. AT&T provider has been supporting many enterprises with MPLS VPN services. They access a multitude services, including DSL, wireless, cable, T1 and DS3 technologies. These products and services are considered among the best of its kind and assure low cost connectivity advantageous for your organization. They stand to provide reliable and fast connectivity to all your sites. MPLS VPN offer optimum solution for all kinds of enterprises. If your network requirements include connectivity and sharing information with your distributors, suppliers, business partners and customers then MPLS VPN is the perfect solution. AT&T’s network traffic engineers can take care of the problem by connecting MPLS VPN to sites over the public Internet interface.AT&T leverage with all-optical network nationwide and MPLS routing infrastructure. They offer Quality of Service on top of service quality. You can rely on their network experts to assist and monitor your demands to ensure business critical applications such as Voice over IP and applications are prioritized to the top level of quality. The QoS is very important because it allows control for bandwidth allocation, enables prioritization of applications critical to the business, ensures stable and failure-free network performance and prevents business applications from failure due to congestion within the network. AT&T’s MPLS VPN service is a fully managed and reliable network. It lets you gain a shared network experience for its network services and eliminates the problem of having to deal with complex routing systems and encryption devices that only makes VPN complicated, time-consuming and costly. Experts and engineers are expected to support application needs and meet user demands. AT&T takes care of everything from design and operation to around the clock customer support and monitoring. Skilled engineers and technicians configure the equipment used, install them at your locations and provide all essential circuits.AT&T service makes sure all contracted services are accurately implemented and on-time. As soon as your service is activated, network technicians operate down to the business by monitoring your MPLS equipment and connections. They are always ready to detect and repair any issue and minimize service impact without delay. They can resolve or replace non-operational equipment on the site. AT&T is committed to customer satisfaction and guarantee great performance of their MPLS VPN service. They employ a comprehensive set of Service Level Agreements that you can absolutely rely on!

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