Newbies Getting Started – Digital Product Types and Methods

You might be under the impression that an ebook is your only option as far as a digital product goes for your computer-skills or internet-capabilities…. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are several variations on this idea that you could employ in order to generate an income online.Obviously, with an ebook you can sell it as a digital product on Ebay, or use it to promote your own website (or your affiliate’s site to earn commissions). By using Ebay, you will be able to keep all of your clients’ contact information in order to re-contact them for future sales that you might have.Another idea to consider is to offer the Master Resale Rights (MRR) to your ebook as well. By selling your ebook MMRs, you are granting the purchasers to turn around and sell your product (unchanged) to their own clients. This method really puts your name out there and is referred to as a Viral Method of marketing.Now yet another idea to consider is selling the Private Label Rights to your ebook. Keep in mind that by choosing this method of marketing your product, you are consenting to allow the purchasers to change and alter any of the information, images, and references that you have created.If you are at all artistically inclined, then perhaps you might consider selling an ebook consisting of a graphics package. You can do this using the PhotoShop Suit, if you have it. Otherwise do a Google Search for GIMP. This software is similar in function to PhotoShop, and it’s free! Or you could look at another software package called Copy N’ Paste Graphics. Use this to re-create your own graphics to assemble as a package to market online.Similarly, if you know how to design web templates, or squeeze pages, than you can create a digital package to sell in the same fashion. Another product currently in high demanded is Auction Templates.You might want to consider giving away your ebook as an incentive gift for joining your newsletter or mailing list. On the other hand, if you create a “How To” video or audio, then you could give those away as bonus material for the purchase of your informational ebook. (Do you know how to use Craigslist, or anything about Safelist Marketing? Plumbing? Mechanics? Flyfishing? First Aid? Etc.) The possibilities are virtually endless. Choose a topic that you can relate to and have a great deal of experience with; you will establish your credibility this way and be regarded as an authority on the topic.HUGE TECHNICAL TIPS:1. To publish your ebook or digital product, use the free software here: http://www.openoffice.orgThe reason for this is simply that you can EASILY save and export your documents immediately in PDF format – the industry standard for ebooks, or any compiled digital product.2. Include page breaks in your formatting for each new major section.3. Use to mask your affiliate links in any of your ebook/digital product documents – it’s unfortunately pretty common now for people to recognize your affiliate name within a hoplink where they can easily substitute their own, and steal your commissions.Tanis Wahlhttp://www.daveguindonsupport.comhttp://www.daveguindon.infoFormer international model out of NYC, currently residing in Victoria, BC, Canada. Online Entrepreneur, and avid motorcyclist launching West Coast Harley Tours in 2008.BA Writing, University of Victoria, BCMSCE technical network support

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