1995 Yamaha FZR 600 Engine Clutch Cover

1995 Yamaha FZR 600 Engine Clutch Cover

The Clutch Cover is typically located on the right side of the Engine (as you are sitting on the bike). The Clutch Basket and the associated clutch fibers and steels are located behind this cover. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Clutch Cover will be structutally sound. It will not be cracked, and will not leak oil, with all mounts undamaged. On bikes equiped from the factory with Chrome Clutch Covers, used covers will be clean (with only light/fine scratches) and ready for installation after polishing. Painted Clutch Covers may be nicked, scratched or rashed, so purchasers concerned about the cosmetic appearance of this part should plan on sanding and repainting with hi-temp paint prior to installation.

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Axis Communications M3114-R Surveillance/Network Camera 0342-001

The Axis Communications AXIS M3114-R Network Camera is a rugged IP camera specifically developed for use in buses, trains, subway cars, and emergency vehicles. In addition to its dust and water resistance, this camera can withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps, and temperature fluctuations. The camera’s flat chassis design will help it maintain a low profile appearance in addition to minimizing interference with the free movement of passengers.
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Hide behind 54000+ IP addresses by VPN $4.99/month

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Virtual Private Networks – The Basics

The way we communicate has evolved so rapidly that organizations are struggling to keep up. Unfortunately the cost of communication is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that most companies face. But, high cost is no longer that big of an issue. With the emergence of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) not only have communications costs decreased but a platform for converging voice, video and data services has been provided as well.Communications today converge on IP. Fixed to Wireless convergence, data, voice and video convergence – all of this happens on the IP Protocol and this is why Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and VPN services and routers are becoming essential to businesses.VPN’s – The BasicsA private network is essentially a network for certain users that has a firewall enabled to prevent intrusion from the Internet. While this sounds good; private networks can be problematic for users as it can become quite difficult to get past the firewall if one of the users on the network wants to access their own personal files or email. In order to circumvent this, a very specific piece of software or hardware is used and this is known as a Virtual Private Network which will help users access their personal information with no difficulty.Who Uses VPNs? These private communications networks are used by various companies and organizations in various industries throughout the world. A great example of a type of company that would benefit from a VPN is a clothing company with various branches. A sales person would be able to check stock at any of their other stores should they not have the specific garment you are lusting after. Libraries are another great example of an industry that would really benefit from a Virtual Private Network, gone are the days of hunting for those books you need.In very basic terms VPN’s are used to support remote access to an intranet, as well as to support connections between multiple intranets within one organization. VPN’s are also used to join the networks between two organizations ultimately forming an extranet.The Benefits of VPN’sNow that you know the basics of Virtual Private Networks, I am sure you are interested in the benefits of which these are but a few:oIt can be connected to by multiple access technologies including wireless and mobileoVPN routers eliminate the congestion and routing headaches of managing networksoVPN solutions easily facilitate the secure connection of remote users & road warriorsoIt remains as secure as your existing solutionsoExtends geographic connectivityoReduces operational costsoFacilitates global networking opportunitiesoProvides broadband networking compatibilityoAllows you to achieve faster ROI (return on investment) than traditional WANVPN’s are becoming essential to companies and organisations looking to simplify communication as well as cut costs. By consolidating inter-branch traffic, data and voice all over a single network infrastructure, it’s easy to see why Virtual Private Networks are such a favourable choice when it comes to communication needs.

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Hosted PBX – A Simple Solution

The sole and whole purpose of any telephony communication’s functions should be – to allow crystal-clear and well-organized communications to its users. And as the years passed by, the world of telecommunication devices for businesses prolonged from individual desk phones to central switchboards and few other tech-savvy phones that routed calls manually to the PBX phone systems. A PBX system that had the capacity to route calls coming into the business.But all these telephony communications, though good as they were, but proved to be expensive and less organised beside the fact that they needed the huge and messy establishment of a large amount of equipment on the company premises to work. But unlike all these telephony communication systems, today’s cutting edge, feature rich, advantage filled Hosted PBX phone systems require below minimum equipment, e.g. a connection to the World Wide Web (www) via a wireless or wired service provider, and some simple programming, that’s it what all it really takes to run a Hosted PBX system in any business organization.Hosted PBX, sometimes referred to as an Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange, is a self-contained and devoted specifically to one subscriber, which means that this system does not rely on switching equipment that is provided or operated by a common telecommunications carrier. In general, hosted PBX phone systems of all types require an internal switching network that is programmed for routing to extensions, as well as voice mail boxes for each user.And through Hosted PBX phone systems, a business organization – big or small – can:-1. Enhance their business image through its services.
2. Manage their business from any location in the globe.
3. Stay Connected with their Clients Continuously.As Hosted PBX phone systems are:-a. Simple and affordable communication option.
b. Comes with in-build Virtual Receptionist that proficiently manages incoming calls.
c. Offers greater flexibility to the workforce.And together all these features and advantages enable smooth functioning in company’s business.

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Offsite Backup Services

Your data is important, so you know how critical it is to ensure that it’s protected from the enviable data-loss. One of the smartest things you can do to lower the risk of data loss virtually down to 0% would be to go with an offsite backup service. This will ensure that your precious data is somewhere else in the case of a local network virus outbreak or some natural/technical disaster happen where your data resides. When choosing your backup service provider, take the following into consideration.1. Ease of use: Is the backup software provided by the service provider going to be easy to use and setup. Why mess around? In today’s market there are many providers with different types of software that ultimately have the same result. I would recommend asking the vendor for a free trail (if it’s not currently offered) and testing the software for user friendliness.2. Security: Your data should remain private. Your data will transfer over the Internet, then stored on a remote server that could be anywhere. How do you know your data is secure from prying eyes? Read through the documentation on the vendors site that describes their data security infrastructure. The software should encrypt the data locally and then transfer. This will ensure you are the only one in control of decrypting the data, so transfer is safe, and residence on a ‘strange’ server is safe, because no one but you can decrypt it.3. Redundancy: What are the mechanics of storing your data at the offsite backup facilities? The offsite backup server should consist of redundant servers. This insures your data against the possibility of offsite server crash, you’ll have another server taking its place immediately upon any failure; zero down time!4. Recovery Accessibly: You want to be able to access your backup data wherever and whenever. Data corruption and loss can happen any time. With the power of the Internet you should have the ability to plug in to anywhere there is an Internet connection and retrieve lost data.5. Support: Customer support is essential, but if the software is easy to use, you will be less likely to use it. So ensure there is some support material, user manuals, FAQ’s and a way to contact a real person – at least by email- and you will be golden.Offsite Backup services on the Internet are a growing in number, so you have an abundance of choices. Take some time to choose a service provider that will meet your needs and the criteria I’ve outline here and you’ll be making a informed choice that will save you in the long run.

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