Giant Lizard RAWR! Baby Bodysuit, 3-6 mo, Dark Grey

Get your RAWR on! Gozilla attacks the Portland Steel Bridge in this best selling drawing. .

This unique design is printed on a 100 percent cotton dark grey baby bodysuit, made in the USA and printed in Portland, Oregon.

Select from a wide variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to create gender neutral baby clothes, baby boy and baby girl clothes including onesies, baby bodysuits and cool baby shirts.

Each design is a Baby Wit original making these unique gifts for babies. If you are looking for baby shower gifts that leave a lasting impression, look no further.

Baby Wit carries those hard to find hipster baby clothes you’ve been scouring your local shops for. It’s because we are weirdo slackers that live in Portland, Oregon.

Our collection includes original art, monsters, animals, giant sea creatures, comic art, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, an urban alphabet, Bigfoot, Pi, Carl Sagan, the hipster Brooklyn Bridge and other obscure pop culture references.

Check out our trendy baby clothes collection in our store. We carry toddler sizes as well.

Warning. Our funny onesies, baby bodysuits and infant tops are created to turn heads, provoke commentary from the in-laws and induce random fits of laughter from folks that can read.

You May Not Be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be.

Iconic baby clothes for parents who enjoy cryptic pop culture references as baby shirt sayings, outsider art and hilarious onesies, baby bodysuits and infant tops.

Buy our cool baby clothes now and liven up your baby’s day.

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