Tips for Comparing and Choosing a Usenet Provider

Some Usenet users can have a hard time making a decision when trying to select a new Usenet vendor. Most would think this would be an easy task but it is not as easy as it once was. A few years ago, there were only a few Newsgroup providers on the market. To get a good idea of who you wanted to select as your newsgroup provider, you just had to review 4 or so companies. Now, there are close to 100 providers- each claiming that they are the best. I will list in order of how I think a person should select their Usenet provider.Service levels- performance is very important, if not the most important factor when selecting a Usenet provider. You will want your provider to have the fastest download speed, long retention, complete articles and good uptime. You will want your download speed to be a constantly fast, just not fast in bursts. You will also want your retention and completion rate (number of articles a vendor has vs. what is actually available on usenet) of high quality.Price- price is also very important in this rough economy. There are many providers that offer low prices however they may not always be the best. Sure, some offer a good price and a decent service but I believe in the old adage- you get what you pay for…. What you want to do is to get a good value – A service that offers a decent service and a good price. There are website available that offer discounts normally not offered by going directly to the vendors website.Features – another important criteria to help you select a usenet provider is to evaluate the providers features. Does the vendor offer a free newsreader with it’s service? Does the service come with 50 concurrent connections? Does the newsgroup provider offer a free search service or a free picture previewer? Does your Usenet package come with SSL security-privacy? What other value-adds come with the top account? Some providers offer value adds such as free online storage, VPN account or even throw in a free newsreader. The more options they offer with their account, the better value we feel that they can offer.User Reviews- Also, the Usenet providers reputation is also a very important factor that should be considered when evaluating a usenet provider. You can head out to forums that discuss Usenet related topics. Also, other review sites do objective reviews of a newsgroup vendors service. They sometimes break up the various vendors into best price, best overall or other respective categories to make the decision process easier for a usenet user.Finally, the best way to select a usenet provider is just to test a provider you think is good based on the criteria that you used to select that vendor. Many usenet providers offer a free trial or a free test account so that you can evaluate their services. Not all providers offer this. If they do not, you will just have to research their reputation or just sign up for the service without testing a trial account first. I always recommend testing out the service before you purchase the service.

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