VoIP Phone – Is Your Phone Service Secure? Ask These Questions to Your Service Provider

The growth of security threats to systems accompanies the growth of VoIP services that provide you with a very convenient and cost effective tool for placing and receiving calls over the internet. To ensure safety of your conversations and information, it is necessary to find a provider who can handle the various security threats and potential problems. Here are a few questions you should ask prospective VoIP service providers to ensure selection of the right service for your company and prevent security breaches.1. Is VoIP service vulnerable to a DNS attack?Denial of service attacks can clog VoIP servers denying service to other users. Professional VoIP service providers protect against such attacks by using firewalls, redundant servers, and around-the-clock monitoring.2. Can VoIP calls be intercepted by hackers?Though not significant, there are always chances of hackers listening to your telephone conversations over the internet. To protect you from malicious eavesdropping, your VoIP service provider should use encryption tools.3. If you use Encryption, does it Reduce Call Quality?Processing time increases with encryption. The more difficult the encryption, the greater will the audio distractions like jitter, echo, and latency, on your call. Your VoIP service providers should adopt hardware and software solutions that make encryption transparent to service users.4. How Do You Test VoIP Services Software against vulnerability to hacker attack?To ensure creation of VoIP systems that will stand against attack from hackers, the systems must be tested by security experts for shortcomings and potential problems. Reputed vendors combine in-house testing and research with outside testing of VoIP systems, by security professional and specialists, to create highly secure systems for you.5. How do you install patches and is there a cost involved in it?Upgrade of VoIP services may bear unnecessary costs on you. Ask prospective vendors about distribution of patches and how their systems can be integrated with your company’s own software update protocol to keep costs at a minimum.6. Can the stolen VoIP routers be disabled remotely?A stolen VoIP router can create tremendous problems for your business through information leaks. Ask VoIP providers about how they deal with stolen routers and whether they can be disabled remotely to keep your account information safe and intact. Never opt for a service that cannot guarantee security of your confidential information.7. For added security, is it possible to make calls through the VPN?If you need to keep your phone conversations private even from the phone company, opt for a service provider who allows you to call through virtual private networks. However, keeping all data within VPNs entails additional hardware and software expenses.8. Is the VoIP Service vulnerable to Fraudsters and impersonators?Scammers can hijack calls and impersonate customer service representatives to collect personal account information. Hackers may acquire access to an open port and re-sell minutes of your company’s VoIP account. To prevent these issues from creeping up, your service provider must regularly monitor VoIP service usage looking out for unusual activity or packet routing to countries with few known clients.Even after hiring a voip service, it is important to ensure that you receive sufficient and upgraded security that can cope with newer safety threats over the internet. Create and maintain strong relationships with account representatives. Additionally, stay informed, keep in touch with your service providers and regularly check vendor blogs.

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